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By Alistair J. Lax

ISBN-10: 0191513903

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ISBN-13: 9783920056159

Alistair Lax takes a desirable examine those so much devious molecules, explaining the various creative mechanisms they use to penetrate our cell's defences, and the lethal pandemics that consequence. a narrative not just of affliction but additionally of human competition and patience in our fight to appreciate, strive against, and harness those robust pollutants. - ;What do the subsequent have in universal: the promise of Botox because the key to Read more...


Alistair Lax takes a desirable examine those so much devious molecules, explaining the numerous creative mechanisms they use to penetrate our cell's defences, and the lethal pandemics that outcome. A Read more...

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The Frenchman Dujardin simplified this scheme, but Ferdinand Cohn, whom we shall meet again in Chapter 3, carried out more important and useful work. He separated out true bacteria from other small organisms. This work provided a solid foundation for future classifications. The second problem was the small size of bacteria, which made it hard to distinguish different types. Bacteria are so small that it was, and remains, difficult to find many distinguishing features down a microscope. Other techniques were needed and these came later.

So much for consistency! There is one more main character to introduce before we head for the nineteenth century, that of the Italian, Lazzaro Spallanzani (1729–1799). Born just after the death of van Leeuwenhoek, he was ordained a priest, but became a career scientist. He strongly opposed the theory of spontaneous generation. Over several years, Spallanzani conducted a heated debate with another priest—the Englishman John 24 Toxin: The Cunning of Bacterial Poisons Turberville Needham. Their experiments concerned infusions—meat or vegetable matter heated in water to provide a rich broth or food that can support the growth of bacteria and other small life forms.

By this time Chadwick had upset too many people and was subject to a vigorous attack. * Many people still subscribe to the view that health, or more properly ill-health, is a personal choice. Mid-nineteenth century London had expanded rapidly without any proper planning to eliminate human waste and was a smelly unhygienic cesspool. The heavily contaminated Thames, a major source of drinking water, flowed past Parliament choking MPs with its evil smell. Eventually it was decided that London’s waste had to be dealt with.

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