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Streeter, then, has come close to identifying Mt. 1-36 as a previously redacted source. In his words, it looks like a 'Jewish Christian polemical tract' written 'against their oppressors the Pharisees'. But he cannot follow this observation through, since he is wedded already to a fragmentary understanding of the chapter; parts are from Mark, parts from Q and parts from M. Matthew, who is the overall architect of the chapter, will hardly have written a 'Jewish polemical tract' against the Pharisees, for he is not writing in an intra-muros context (pp.

25-26. Tevis, 'Analysis of Words', p. 266. See further above, pp. 25-26. 44 The Sources and Sitz im Leben of Matthew 23 F. i8o\) eycb anoaxeTCkco1 The phrase i8o\) ey© arcoaxeAAco appears in Mt. 34, a verse we have already noted above. Tevis thinks that the phrase most likely comes from the hand of a redactor and this is consistent with the theory advanced here concerning the origin of Matthew 23. 6. 2, 13, 15, 23, 25, 27, 29. Tevis is probably right then; Mt. 34 is redactional and the presence of 1801) eyob ccrcoaxeMxo adds further support to the theory advanced here.

Matthew has seven woes, Luke six. Two of the criticisms found as woes in Matthew, namely crossing earth and sea to make a convert, and incorrect teaching regarding oaths, are absent from Luke. Conversely, two of Luke's woes are not such in Matthew. None of the woes in either of the gospels is in the same place as in the other, and neither do any two come in the same sequence. Of the four Matthean woes found in Luke, two appear in a markedly different form. Three of Luke's woes are addressed to lawyers (vouiicoiq), and three to Pharisees, whereas in Matthew, six are addressed to the scribes (YpaiijiccTeiq) and Pharisees, and one to 'blind guides'.

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