Unheard voices: stories of forgotten lives by Mander Harsh PDF

By Mander Harsh

ISBN-10: 014100665X

ISBN-13: 9780141006659

The Bhopal fuel tragedy, the communal carnage of 1984 and 1989 in Delhi and Bhagalpur, the Orissa supercyclone, between others, are a part of collective reminiscence. yet, usually forgotten are those that truly have been plagued by those happenings, and others like them, highway young ones, intercourse employees, dalits, HIV and leprosy sufferers, the homeless and the famine-stricken. those are those that in lots of methods are driven to the outermost, such a lot hopeless margins of society within the identify of improvement and development. during this publication, civil servant and social activist Harsh Mander attracts on his personal and his colleagues' reviews to discover the lives of twenty such those that have survived and coped regardless of all odds.

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