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Overseas regimes are "codes of behavior" agreed upon by way of states to manipulate their kin in particular parts of foreign politics. This ebook describes and significantly examines the 3 most vital theories of foreign regimes. those theories each one tension a specific explanatory variable: realist theories emphasize nation strength; neoliberal theories specialise in constellations of pursuits; and cognitivist theories are excited by wisdom and ideas. The authors finish by means of exploring the customers for growth inside of this dynamic box via combining diverse theoretical ways.

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Thus, even in Keohane's own terms and contrary to his explicit conceptual intentions, it would seem to be not necessary for (formally defined) regimes to be institutions. Difficulties such as these may have led Keohane (1993a: 28) to amend his preferred definition of "regime" by adding "thin" substantive content. He now proposes defining agreements in purely formal terms (explicit rules agreed upon by more than one state) and... [considering] regimes as arising when states recognize these agreements as having continuing validity.

And second, what is the meta-theoretical foundation of these criteria? As we have seen, contractualism is a kind of theory in which "effect explains cause/' without, at the same time, following the logic of evolutionary theory. He also points out that "functional arguments . . " Apart from the Darwinian approach, he then goes on to argue, the only "way of avoiding this fallacy is to show that the actors being investigated are rational, and that the institutions and the social practices to be explained were designed to fulfill anticipated functions" (Keohane 1984: 81).

Regimes will often prove robust. Part of the theoretical justification of this hypothesis once more makes reference to reputational concerns. Another argument, however, is even more peculiar to Keohane's approach: regimes 13 Keohane usually emphasizes material conditions such as the distribution of power and (concomitant) interests. Yet, he acknowledges that regimes have "intellectual underpinnings " (Young 1992) as well (see, for example, Keohane 1993a: 43f. as well as sect. 1 below). It should be noted, therefore, that the following argument concerning regime persistence mutatis mutandis applies to this kind of initial condition as well.

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