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By C. de Jager (auth.), D. Vanbeveren, W. van Rensbergen, C. de Loore (eds.)

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Massive stars occupy a good position often astrophysics. They set off many if no longer all the vital techniques in galactic evolution while as a result of their intrinsic brightness, they give the (only previously) hazard to check the stellar content material and stellar behaviour in far away galaxies. The final, say, 25 years, substantial stars were the topic of diverse conferences discussing the impact of big stars on inhabitants synthesis, the quantity distribution of other forms of giant stars, the LBV phenomenon, WR stars, X-ray binaries, stellar winds in vast stars, chemical pecularities in big stars, supernova explosions of big stars and the real SN1987A occasion, the impression of huge stars and chemical evolution of galaxies. it really is transparent that with no conception of stellar evolution, the research of those subject matters loses loads of its importance. monstrous big name evolution as a result obtained an opportunity in those conferences, yet infrequently as a chief topic. The cutting-edge, the actual strategies and the uncertainties in stellar evolution have been slightly touched. much more, the impression of shut binaries in these types of immense big name conferences slowly disappeared the final, say, thirteen years with none medical justification, even supposing an important fraction of stars happens in shut binaries with sessions sufficiently small in order that either elements will have interaction in the course of their evolution. Denying the binaries or now not discussing their impression on effects and conclusions, makes the latter very doubtful or perhaps thoroughly unreliable.

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Space Science Reviews 66: 37-53, 1994. "\ P. S. CONTI 38 Actual counts of massive stars in associations can be used directly to give estimates of the slope of the IMP, along with the related quantities M upper and Ml ower • I will discuss these parameters for a group of associations in our Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds in §2. " of massive stars are present in more distant GH II regions and starburst galaxies where the individual stars cannot be identified. In §3 I will consider indirect methods that make use of spectra; in §4 I shall discuss two global properties of galaxies, their far-IR (FIR) luminosities and optical and UV imaging.

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Shaver et al. 1983; McCall et al. 1985). In very simple terms, what is observed is an increase in the [0 III] / H/3 ratio with gal acto-centric distance. While initially attributed to the Tef f of the exciting stars (Aller 1942), it was later realized to be primarily an abundance effect in the nebulae (Searle 1971). This is due to the fact that as the oxygen abundance decreases, the nebular cooling due to the "heavy" elements also decreases, the electron temperature Te increases and the [0 III] (and other) lines increase in strength, relative to the Balmer series.

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