Men and Masculinity by Joseph H. Pleck; Jack Sawyer PDF

By Joseph H. Pleck; Jack Sawyer

ISBN-10: 0135743192

ISBN-13: 9780135743195

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H. Stress, illness behavior and the sick role. Amer. Social. , 1961, 26, 51-58. Reich, W. Character Analysis. New York, Orgone Press, 1948. JouRARD, S. , 1958, Rickers-Ovsiankina, Maria. Social accessibility in three age groups. Psychol. Reports, 1956, 2, 283-294. Rogers, C. R. The characteristics of a helping relationship. Pers. Guid. 6-16. ScHMALE, A. H. Relation of separation and depression to disease. Psychosom. , 1958, 20, 259-277. MEN AND WOMEN The masculine role leads us to expect to find a woman to relate to, to and to experience certain satisfactions from the relationship.

Indeed, it can be discerned among beginning therapists that there is often considerable dread of such passivity, because it constitutes a threat to masculine identity. Beginning therapists seem to be most fascinated by "manly," active techniques such as hypnosis, — the kinds of things which will be difficult for them feel they are doing something to the patient which will get him well. These techniques, however, leave the self of the therapist hidden behind the mask of his professional role, and have limited effectiveness.

Some men will admit that they can't talk to men, and are only really able to talk about their feelings to women. But even these intimacies are often structured into a safe framework. "Safe" because they think the woman is a subordinate, and therefore nonthreatening, nonjudging. Moreover, what men are really asking from women in these situations is the simple reassurance that, despite their problems and setbacks, they are still "real men," still needed and respected. Of course. Some Lethal Aspects of the Male Role 21 comfort and reassurance are legitimate demands of every human being, but it is significant that there is rarely any real discussion of the problem or of the feelings involved.

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Men and Masculinity by Joseph H. Pleck; Jack Sawyer

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