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By Robert E. Denton Jr.

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Beginning within the Nineteen Seventies, the general public has became to the media for info and tips in making a choice on their presidents. tv has develop into the first technique of researching the problems and applicants. This monograph examines the mediazation of the U.S. presidency, as exemplified by means of President Reagan's position because the nice communicator. in particular, Denton analyzes using tv as an tool of image-making and governing, the position of the media in modern politics, the effect of tv on presidential politics, and the way forward for the presidency within the age of tv. students of communications experiences, political technology, and American politics will welcome this serious research of the primetime presidency.

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This perspective does not deny the importance of content; rather, it emphasizes the importance of the sensory ratios present in any given medium. McLuhan explains that "the extension of any one sense alters the way we think and act—the way we perceive the world . . "7 The major point is that we "interact" with the media. Media becomes a pervasive environment that provides both action and reaction in a continuous fashion. This new environment encourages unification and involvement. " He defines the "public" as separate individuals walking around with separate, fixed points of view.

MASS MEDIA AND THE PRESIDENCY Presidents are responsible to the public and thus must maintain good relations. Relations with the public are important to presidents because they directly affect his political survival, ability to perform his job well, and establishment of a positive historical image. 18 According to Doris Graber, the quality of interaction between presidents and the public depends on three things. 19 The first factor is the quality and quantity of communication channels. The channels need to be adequate in number and comprehensive and open to allow sufficient access.

The Great Communicator" 11 ments of the presidency. Reagan's public presentations were carefully planned and orchestrated. 16 Early in his administration, Reagan significantly increased the parties, dinners, and receptions at the White House. The old presidential yacht Sequoia was returned and new dinner china purchased. "Class" was restored to the White House—and the public loved it. It is an interesting paradox of the American presidency that we like the notion of a common man, one of us running for president.

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