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By Todd Lawson

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In the entire present alienating discourse on Islam as a resource of extremism and enthusiast violence this new e-book takes a well timed and fresh examine the traditions of Islamic mysticism, philosophy and highbrow debate in a sequence of numerous and stimulating methods. It tackles the main figures of Islamic idea in addition to laying off gentle on hitherto unconsidered features of Islam using new resource fabric. The participants are remarkable record of students and experts.

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3 The divine world sends man the Nous (‘mind’) which teaches him gnosis or salvific knowledge of his original source and ultimate destination, namely the World of Light. The vivid mythological imagery of Manichaean teachings often portrayed the Two zones of Light and Darkness as opposing kingdoms made up of five elements or ‘Areas’ (with corresponding Trees), in contrast to the abstract conceptualisations developed by Greek philosophy and established in Western Christian thought. An outstanding example of such imagery is the ‘Five Limbs’ or intellectual attributes of the Supreme Deity.

3–29. 5 hermann landolt ‘Nasafī, ʿAzīz b. Moʿammad’, EIr, 2003. 2005 ‘Introduction’, in Jalal H. Badakhchani, ed. , Paradise of Submission; A Medieval Treatise on Ismaili Thought. A New Persian Edition and English Translation of Naṣīr al-Dīn Ṭūsī’s Rawḍa-yi taslīm (London/New York, 2005), pp. – and 244–247. 6 Part One Classical Islam 3 The ‘Five Limbs’ of the Soul: A Manichaean Motif in Muslim Garb? Karim Douglas Crow Manichaean dualism received much attention from Muslim thinkers in the first three centuries of Islam, and appears to have been one of the catalysts for the elaboration of theological teachings defending Islamic monotheism.

Thus, God the Exalted graciously favoured a great blessing upon the faithful by giving them the light of true guidance so that they declared His unity with ‘There is no divinity save The Divinity’. He commanded them to be mindful of what He gave them: which is the light radiating in their hearts, and then from their Hearts to their bosoms … . e. ‘strengthened’ ayyada) through intelligence, comprehension, attentive-memory, mind and remembrance, and these things are around it … . ] limbs [eye, tongue, ear, hand, foot, stomach, genitalia] … .

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