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By John Alembillah Azumah

ISBN-10: 1851682732

ISBN-13: 9781851682737

This new booklet re-examine the presence of Islam in Africa.

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This procedure has distorted local histories with resultant negative consequences on Muslim relations with non-Muslims in many non-Western societies. Some individual scholars have, for various reasons, even gone beyond acknowledging the merits and achievements of the Islamic dispensation to romanticizing and idealizing the Islamic past. Some of the reasons for this tendency, particularly in post-colonial Western discourse, may include the sense of inherited guilt about the colonial and missionary past.

The brutality and intolerance of all ‘jihad of the Sword’, and especially that of the nineteenth-century western Sudan, has been veiled by an assumption of moral righteousness, based on the Muslim claim of divine revelation and a written law, that leaves no place for an approach from the point of view of the victims. 34 Hiskett tries to redress the situation in his new preface. Thus, in his own words, he is attempting, in the new preface, ‘to set such imbalances to rights by drawing on the ‘downside’ of the reform movement and the jihad to which it gave rise.

16 The African-Muslim elite in general, and a vociferous few in particular, have taken these claims to their logical conclusion, insisting that the solution to the ills of the Christian colonial and imperial legacy can be found in the Arab-Islamic dispensation. S. 18 What Nyang is suggesting here is that, as a consequence of the evils of Christian apartheid, young South African Christians are going to become disillusioned with Christianity and start converting to Islam, which will provide them with answers and solutions.

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