New PDF release: The Jungle (Webster's Korean Thesaurus Edition)

By Upton Sinclair

ISBN-10: 049790019X

ISBN-13: 9780497900199

ISBN-10: 1423794338

ISBN-13: 9781423794332

This version is written in English. despite the fact that, there's a working Korean word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of The Jungle. This version will be necessary if you'd like

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Meantime, heedless of all these things, the men upon the floor were going about their work. Neither squeals of hogs nor tears of visitors made any difference to them; one by one they hooked up the hogs, and one by one with a swift stroke they slit their throats. There was a long line of hogs, with squeals and lifeblood ebbing away together; until at last each started again, and vanished with a splash into a huge vat of boiling water. It was all so very businesslike that one watched it fascinated.

Kosher: 순수한, 정결한, 규정에 맞는, 정당한, 규정에 따라 요리하다, 좋은, 정결한 요리, 정결한 식품, 정식의, 적법한. rabbi: 선생, 율법학자, 랍비, 직업적인 유대교 지도자, 랍비선생, 유대의 율법 박사의 존칭, 율법박사. refrigerator: 냉장고, 증기응결기, 냉각장치, 냉동기, 냉장기, 빙실. ripping: 멋지게, 멋진, 훌륭하게, 훌륭한. salting: 소금기가 있는, 짭잘한, 바닷물이 드나드는 늪지, 소금의 적용, 소금의 사용. tanned: 무두질한, 햇볏에 탄. wasted: 황폐한, 살해된, 지나간. 44 The Jungle shinbones and other %big bones they cut knife and toothbrush handles, and mouthpieces for pipes; out of the hoofs they cut hairpins and buttons, before they made the rest into glue.

It was only by an effort that one could realize that it was made by animals, that it was the distant lowing of ten thousand cattle, the distant grunting of ten thousand swine. They would have liked to follow it up, but, alas, they had no time for adventures just then. The policeman on the corner was beginning to watch them; Korean color: 색, 안색, 군기, 개성, 착색, 채색하다, 입장, 물들다, 윤색하다, 빛깔, 얼굴을 붉히다. curling: 컬링, 말리기 쉬운, 말림, 위축, 머리 지지는데 쓰이는, 말려 올라감, 말아 지지기. elemental: 원소의, 사대의, 근원적인, 본질적인, 원리의, 원소 같은, 초보의, 자연력과 같은, 자연 그대로의, 요소의.

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