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By T.F. Torrance

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I \'VaS often unable to adapt those proofs to problems related to them, We have all ,done mathcmacics at some rime. Fitst one learns the basic symbolism, then follows the logical sequence of "eps thtough to the QED. Nothing could be simpler. Ye, some people are unable to follow even these processess. Equivalently> some of us are so confused by French vocabwary and grammar that we never progress to real French literature. My problem - and I was not alone - was that whilst 30 able to 'follow' the mechanics of the proof, in turning to related pfO~ blerns I found that i lacked the conceplual apparatus necessary to adapt the theorem to the new circumstance.

138. 65 See ch;tpccr on • Articulation' in Perrottal Knowledge, pp. 69""l3}· 66. PerSt)Ml Knowledge, pp. 20}-45 on 'Conviviality', The Toa: Dimensiov, pp. 67. 6ft. 69. 70· 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 55~92 on' A Society of Explorers '. See also T. F. To! (llDce, 'The Open Universe and the Free • Ethia in Science ani! Medicine, vol. ;, Nov. 1979, pp. c of Liberty, Science, Fahh amJ Society, SdeJ1ti/u Thought ami Sociai Rca{{ty, and also the earlier work The Contempt qf Freedom, viJ40. Cf Ricbaxd Gelwick,op.

S, pp. 54-03; Penona( Knowledge, 1. on 'Ohjeccivity', pp. 3-17, for the historical and conceptual background to this, see Richard Gdwid::, The Way of Discovery, 1977. pp. 24ff, 29ff. B. M. Polanyi, Personal Knowledge, pp. 264-68. J4. Science, Faith and SOrUIY, new edition with new ptefOlce, )964, pp, 7-f9, 85-90, JS. E Schwarz (editor), Scientific TJuJHghf and Social Realily, Ellars by Mdwd Pouwyi, 1974, pp. 67-8J; 1IO-lO, 36. U11 Knowledge, pp. SJIT, 2UfT; Th-: Tocit Dimension, 1967, pp. 25, 70ff, 87 etc.

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Belief in Science and in Christian Life: The Relevance of Michael Polanyi's Thought for Christian Faith and Life by T.F. Torrance

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