Download e-book for iPad: The Human Teratomas: Experimental and Clinical Biology by James E. Wheeler (auth.), Ivan Damjanov, Barbara B. Knowles,

By James E. Wheeler (auth.), Ivan Damjanov, Barbara B. Knowles, Davor Solter (eds.)

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1978). Medulloepitheliomas PATHOLOGY OF HUMAN TERATOMAS 41 arise from the embryonal neuroepithelial anlage and occur in the eye and optic nerve. Histologically, the tumors contain structures derived from the fetal optic vesicle, such as retinal pigmented epithelium, ciliary epithelium, vitreous, neuroglia, and various heterotopic elements, such as brain-like tissue, cartilage, bone, and striated muscle . The malignancy of these tumors resides in primitive neuroepithelial-like cells. , 1978). The uncertain nature of these usually congenital, benign lesions has resulted in a plethora of synonyms, such as hairy polyps, nasopharyngeal teratoids, complex hamartomas, teratomas of nasopharynx, and teratoid parasites of the mouth (episphenoids, epipalati, and epignathi).

Virchows Arch Pathol Anat 20:536-541 20 WHEELER Margulies A (1901) Ueber ein Teratom der Hypophyse bei einem Kaninchen. Neurol Centralbl 20:1026-1031 Martin GR (1980) Teratocarcinomas and mammalian embryogenesis. Science 209:768-776 Meckel J-F (1819) Memoire sur les poils et les dents qui se developpent accidentellement dans Ie corps. J. Compl Diet Sci Med 4: 122-145,217-235 Meissner FL (1842) Die Frauenzimmerkrankheiten nach den Neuesten Ansichten und Erfahrungen zum Unterricht fur Praktische Aerzte.

Parasites, such as schistosomes, have also been found in ovarian teratomas (Paradinas, 1972). Thus, there is no reason to doubt that tissues in teratomas could be affected by any pathologic process occurring in other parts of the body and the inflammatory response will be the same as in any other part of the body . It is of interest to note that teeth in teratomas could develop caries (Main, 1970), which theoretically could cause tooth aches or dental decay with periapical abscesses and granulomas.

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The Human Teratomas: Experimental and Clinical Biology by James E. Wheeler (auth.), Ivan Damjanov, Barbara B. Knowles, Davor Solter (eds.)

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