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By Matthew Arnold

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Fashionable revisionist rubbish as to be anticipated from the Yale imprimature. This variation is precisely for collegial school membership bores. Get the version edited through Stefan Collini as a substitute he is much less attracted to himself.

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But a lover of perfection, who looks to inward ripeness for the true springs of conduct, will surely think that as Shakespeare has done more for the inward ripeness of our statesmen than Dr Watts,* and has, therefore, done more to moralise and ennoble them, so an Establishment which has produced Hooker,* Barrow,* Butler,* has done more to moralise and ennoble English statesmen and their conduct than communities which have produced the Preface  Nonconformist divines. * A generation or two outside the Establishment, and Puritanism produces men of national mark no more.

The Explanatory Notes in this edition are intended to provide in some respects a parallel narrative of the ways in which Arnold’s mind was working and the stimuli to which he was responding. They also pursue in more detail themes set up in the Introduction. Footnotes are by Matthew Arnold; editorial notes are marked with an asterisk and can be found at the back of the book. SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY Editions of Arnold’s writings The principal scholarly point of reference for Arnold’s prose works is R.

Cobden Free Trade Treaty with France. Cornhill Magazine started. Essays and Reviews Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle Arnold publishes On built. Translating Homer and The Popular Education of France with the introductory essay ‘Democracy’. Chronology   Life Historical & Cultural Background Arnold risks official hostility by publishing in Fraser’s Magazine ‘The Twice-Revised Code’, attacking Robert Lowe’s ‘Payment by Results’ as a method of distributing government grants for education; also publishes On Translating Homer: Last Words.

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Culture and Anarchy (Rethinking the Western Tradition) by Matthew Arnold

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