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By Ayman Fu'ad Sayyid

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ISBN-13: 9781860646904

The Uyun al-akhbar is the main whole textual content via an Ismaili writer at the heritage of the Ismaili group, from its origins as much as Idris ‘Imad al-Din’s personal time within the fifteenth century. The 7th quantity, edited right here for the 1st time, including a precis English translation, offers specifically with the interval of the 3 Fatimid caliphs, al-Mustansir, al-Musta’li, and al-Amir, as well as the Tayyibi Ismaili neighborhood in Yemen.

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2 He states that all of these då™ís attained their positions through the designation of the preceding då™í. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Abu’l-Qåsim al-Óasan b. Fara˙ b. Óawshab ™Abd Allåh b. ™Abbås Ja™far b. A˙mad b. ™Abbås Yïsuf b. Mïså b. Abí ®ufayl ™Abd Allåh b. Mu˙ammad b. Bishr Mu˙ammad b. A˙mad b. al-™Abbås Hårïn b. Mu˙ammad b. Ru˙aym Yïsuf b. A˙mad b. al-Ashajj Sulaymån b. ™Åmir al-Zawå˙í The early career of ™Alí b. Mu˙ammad al-Íulay˙í (p. 5) ™Alí b. Mu˙ammad al-Íulay˙í was born in the village of Qatar, in the region of Óaråz.

It has been modified in places, however, with a few changes and some additions, to make it more accessible and therefore more useful for English readers who are unable to consult the Arabic version. 1. Ayman Fu¢åd Sayyid, Ma˚ådir ta¢ríkh al-Yaman fi’l-™a˚r al-Islåmí (Cairo, 1974), pp. 428–29. 2. See P. Kraus, ‘La Bibliographie ismaëlienne de W. Ivanow,’ Revue des Etudes Islamiques, 6 (1932), pp. 483–90. 3. ™Alí Naqí Manzaví edited and published this important work in Tehran in 1966. 4. For example, ™Uyïn al-akhbår, vol.

A. thesis, American University of Beirut, 1998), p. 25. 26. Idrís ™Imåd al-Dín, ™Uyïn al-akhbår, vol. 7, p. 298; Nuzhat al-afkår, vol. 1, 13v. There is in the Yale University Library (Yale 1312 [L-727]) a book by an unknown author that bears the title Unmïdaj al-Yaman. It is defective at the end but terminates with the events of 712/1313. I have not seen it but perhaps it is this book of ™Umåra, or possibly some copyists attributed it to him, or it is a continuation of his work by some other historian.

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