Pseudo-Philo; M. R. James; Louis H. Feldman's The Biblical Antiquities of Philo, with Prolegomenon PDF

By Pseudo-Philo; M. R. James; Louis H. Feldman

ISBN-10: 0870680692

ISBN-13: 9780870680694

This historical publication can have a variety of typos, lacking textual content or index. buyers can obtain a unfastened scanned reproduction of the unique publication (without typos) from the writer. 1917. now not illustrated. Excerpt: ... the biblical antiquities of philo or the background of philo from the start of the area to king david I. the start of the realm. Adam begat 3 sons and one daughter, Cain, Noaba, Abel and Seth. 2. And Adam lived after he begat Gen' Seth seven-hundred years, and begat 12 sons and eight daughters. 1. 1. Initium mundi seems to be the simplest examining. it really is probably within the nature of a identify: the correct lxx identify for Genesis is yivecna n6afiov. 1., and so forth. it will likely be saw that most the names of sons and all these of daughters are imaginary. they don't trust different mythical names, e.g. these of Jubilees. For the remaining, the 1st 3 chapters are to a truly huge quantity easily copied from Genesis iv-xi. The spelling of the names is particularly doubtful in lots of instances. the place " ph " happens, it's very usually substituted by way of Sichardus for " f" within the mss.; yet after all the "f" needs to characterize a f, since the textual content has come to us via Greek. i've got accordingly allowed "ph " to face. The chronology, in response to Dr. Cohn, was once initially that of the Hebrew textual content, yet has been to a point converted by way of connection with the lxx. The Hebrew numbers (from Adam to the Flood) upload as much as 1656, these of the lxx to 2262, these of Philo to 2256; yet Philo says (iii. 6) that the Flood used to be within the 1652nd 12 months of the realm, which in simple terms calls for the switch of secundus to sextus to mak...

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There is similar silence about Abram's next stop­ ping place, Bethel (Genesis 1 2 . 8 ) , which is similarly in Samaritan territory, and about Abram's meeting with Melchizedek, king of Salem, because, according to Spiro's argument, the Samaritans had maintained that Salem was adjacent to the Samaritan capital of Shechem (cf. 18, which introduces the name of Salem as a city of Shechem, whereas the Hebrew text states merely that Jacob went to Shechem). 5, 3 2 . 2 reads HKTlDn, which could have been an allusion to m i D , a place near Shechem.

1 9 5 5 1 9 6 0 ) , confronted with a similar problem in Josephus, argued that Josephus used neither the Hebrew nor the Greek Bible but made use of histories or paraphrases of the Bible written by Jewish Hellenists. The same possibility exists for Pseudo-Philo, though if he lived in Palestine and was as pious as he appears to be, it seems unlikely that he would not consult the Bible directly—and generally in Hebrew. b. Jubilees James (pp. 4 5 - 4 6 ) argues that Pseudo-Philo had not only read Jubilees, but to a certain degree deliberately supplements it.

3 ) that from his loins will be born after a time "he that shall subdue you" [Saul's evil spirit] perhaps supports this conjecture. In any case, even A. 2 # . [Leiden, 1 9 6 1 ] , p . 7 5 ) , who is skeptical of all other references to the Messiah in our work, regards this passage as an allusion to the Messiah rather than to Solomon. Still, as Klausner ( p . 3 6 7 ) must concede, the number of even indirect messianic references in L A B are not numerous, presumably because it is primarily a historical account.

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