Testing English-Language Learners in U.S. Schools: Report by Kenji Hakuta PDF

By Kenji Hakuta

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In California, for example, the law limits the time for special language-related services to “a temporary transition not normally intended to exceed one year” (Proposition 227, Article 2, Sec. 305). After that time is expired, students are asked, with some exceptions, to function in an English-only setting regardless of their level of English proficiency. Arbitrary timelines, it was noted, have little relationship to the learning trajectory students must travel; such cutoffs generally allow little adjustment for individual circumstances and are unlikely to serve all, or even most, students’ needs.

For example, the heavy language demands in testing a student’s knowledge of history may require a different approach than would the relatively lesser linguistic demands in testing mathematics skills. Different approaches might well also be called for depending on whether the test was designed for use in academic placement or in a system accountability test. WORKSHOP SUMMARY 27 • Accommodations need to be considered in the context of instruction. For example, if students have not been instructed in Spanish, testing them in Spanish is unlikely to yield valid information about their performance.

Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service. , G. Taylor, and D. Betebenner 1998 Inclusion of Limited-English-Proficient Students in Rhode Island’s Grade 4 Mathematics Performance Assessment. CSE Tech. Rep. No. 486. Los Angeles, CA: National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST), University of California.

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