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By Elzbieta Tabakowska (Editor), Christina Ljungberg (Editor), Olga Fischer (Editor)

ISBN-10: 9027243417

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Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages

The peripheral Mongolic languages of the Qinghai-Gansu quarter in China comprise
Eastern Yugur (Shira Yugur) and the Shirongol languages. The latter should be subdivided in a Monguor department, which include Mongghul and Mangghuer, and a Baoanic department, including Baoan, Kangjia, and Dongxiang (Santa).
The inner taxonomy of the Qinghai-Gansu languages may be mentioned in a separate section.
The Qinghai-Gansu languages are more and more well-described. They
have additionally been the topic of experiences in language touch, in most cases within the context
of the Amdo or Qinghai-Gansu Sprachbund.
This learn will procedure the phonology of Qinghai-Gansu Mongolic
from a comparative ancient perspective. It presents an summary of the phonological advancements of the Qinghai-Gansu languages, evaluating them to the reconstructed ancestral language. even as it is going to examine the
archaic beneficial properties that may be present in those languages, with a view to enhance the
reconstructions of person Mongolic lexemes.
The booklet ends with a comparative complement of approximately 1350
reconstructed universal Mongolic goods, followed through the fashionable kinds they're according to and, the place worthwhile, arguments for the selected reconstruction.

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If, however, for the purpose of analysis, “to” is extracted and if its contribution to the meaning of the phrase is analyzed, it does not seem that it is more abstract or less concrete than “town” or “going” which undoubtedly would be considered to be “concrete” or “content” words according to the proponents of grammaticalization theory. Let us suppose that it makes sense to scrutinize the semantics of “to”, that is, the kind of relevant information it provides to the compounds in which it occurs.

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Insistent Images (Iconicity in Language and Literature, Volume 5) by Elzbieta Tabakowska (Editor), Christina Ljungberg (Editor), Olga Fischer (Editor)

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