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By Richard Pett, Wayne Reynolds

ISBN-10: 1601250371

ISBN-13: 9781601250377

The increase of the Runelords event course maintains with the second one event: "The Skinsaw Murders." A surprising string of brutal killings terrorizes Sandpoint, and the killer's mark bears a distrubing similarity to the unusual rune the goblins within the earlier event had taken as their tribal totem. research leads the heroes to confront a sinister assassin who has claimed a infamous haunted mansion as his lair. but this assassin is one of the, a member of a gaggle of killers who name themselves the Skinsaw males and feature followed an historical magic regarding the seven lethal sins. The computers needs to go back and forth to the bustling urban of Magnimar to solve the reality at the back of the rune, yet in so doing may perhaps develop into leading suspects within the killings themselves! This quantity of Pathfinder contains a particular description of town of Magnimar, numerous new monsters, and ideas for brand spanking new kinds of wizardly experts who concentration their reports on sin magic.

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Creatures: Any substantial noise in this room is enough to attract the attention of the two diseased rat swarms in area B27. The rapidly growing susurrus of oily diseased rat bodies slithering through tight confines, combined with the rising wave of rodent squeaks, gives the PCs 1d3 rounds to prepare for the onslaught before the swarms pour out into area B25, one after the other. This room is cold and damp; a few crates sit near the north wall. The ceiling slopes down to only four feet high to the northeast, leaving little room for a small window, while to the southeast, a mold-encrusted pillar of brick marks the passage of a chimney.

This painting is, in fact, an original work by renowned Magnimarian artist Andosalu, worth 600 gp. The books are mostly on tribal cultures and history (most of it local and relating to the Shoanti tribes), along with numerous maps of mysterious realms and ship charts. None of the books are particularly valuable. The scroll cases contain more maps, along with two arcane scrolls—lightning bolt and keen edge. Iesha Foxglove, Revenant CR 6 hp 69; see page 90 Tactics During Combat If Iesha ends up attacking the PCs, she fights them until they either hand over whatever item it was that triggered her wrath or everyone in the group spends a round not attacking her or getting in her way; at this point, she breaks off the attack and continues on her march toward Aldern.

B10. Stairwell As PCs traverse this flight of stairs, their footsteps echo back at them a round later, as though an invisible person were following them. Although this might seem like a supernatural haunting, the effect is purely natural—the noise is simply the floorboards settling back after they are walked upon. B13. Guest Bedchamber (EL 3) This entire bedroom is caked with a thick, spongy layer of dark green, blue, and black mold. 28 T h e S k i n s aw m u r d e r s Although disgusting and foul-smelling, the mold in this room is a harmless manifestation of the evil spirits in Foxglove Manor; if destroyed, it regrows within 24 hours.

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