Heinrich Meier's Political Philosophy and the Challenge of Revealed Religion PDF

By Heinrich Meier

ISBN-10: 022627585X

ISBN-13: 9780226275857

Translated by means of Robert Berman

Heinrich Meier's guiding perception in Political Philosophy and the problem of published faith is that philosophy needs to end up its correct and its necessity within the face of the declare to fact and insist for obedience of its strongest opponent, printed faith. Philosophy needs to rationally justify and politically shield its unfastened and unreserved wondering, and, in doing so, turns decisively to political philosophy.

within the first of 3 chapters, Meier determines 4 intertwined moments constituting the idea that of political philosophy as an articulated and internally dynamic entire. the next chapters improve the idea that in the course of the interpretation of 2 masterpieces of political philosophy that experience occupied Meier's realization for greater than thirty years: Leo Strauss's Thoughts on Machiavelli and Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Social Contract. Meier offers an in depth research of Thoughts on Machiavelli, with an appendix containing Strauss's unique manuscript headings for every of his paragraphs. Linking the matter of Socrates (the starting place of political philosophy) with the matter of Machiavelli (the starting of contemporary political philosophy), whereas putting among them the political and theological claims against philosophy, Strauss's most complicated and arguable publication proves to be, as Meier exhibits, the main remarkable treatise at the problem of printed faith. the ultimate bankruptcy, which deals a brand new interpretation of the Social Contract, demonstrates that Rousseau's most renowned paintings should be safely understood simply as a coherent political-philosophic reaction to theocracy in all its forms.

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Strauss’s last sections depict his influential image of Machiavelli, the new Prince, who assumes his rule posthumously, the modern Moses who carries with him a new Decalogue, the unarmed prophet who contrives a new strategy of spiritual warfare and forges a new alliance with the people, previously thought to be precluded. They describe Machiavelli’s “enormous venture” spectacularly as a “war of the Anti-Â�Christ or the Devil, who recruits his army while fighting 27. The three complete renderings of the sentence are found in I, 6 (19), I, 15 (28), and III, 16 (105).

The first presentation makes clear the revolutionary character of Machiavelli’s enterprise as it was never before made clear. The second situates Machiavelli within the fundamental continuity that links him to philosophers before and after him. For his spectacular presentation Strauss makes ingenious use of a remark of Machiavelli’s that previously played no noteworthy role in any interpretation. ” Strauss cites the sentence no less than three times in full length, which is without parallel in Thoughts on Machiavelli and underlines the significance that Machiavelli’s 26.

Both the explicit general teaching and the explicit particular counsel conveyed by the Prince are more traditional or less revolutionary than both the complete general teaching and the complete particular counsel. The two pairs of opposites which are characteristic of the Prince, namely, its being both a treatise and a tract for the times and its having both a traditional exterior and a revolutionary center, are nicely interwoven. The Prince is altogether, as Machiavelli indicates at the beginning of the second chapter, a fine web.

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