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The publication ends with a comparative complement of approximately 1350
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The full form of eigentlich ‘actually’ in Bern is [‫ ࡬ܼܭޖ‬gࡈ ԥlܼx], with a variant closer to the standard German [‫ ࡬ܼܭޖ‬gࡈ ԥtlܼx]. Eigentlich is often used as a discourse particle, which is subject to, sometimes quite rigorous, reductions. In this use, the first step of reduction is the loss of the accent [‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬gࡈ ԥlܼx]. Centralization of the unstressed [ܼ] follows: [‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬gࡈ ԥlԥx]. In a next step, the central schwa is syncopated: [‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬gࡈ lԥx]; the [l] disappears [‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬gࡈ ԥx], the schwa of the last syllable is syncopized:[‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬gࡈ x], the complex coda is reduced to a simple fricative [‫ ࡬ܼܭ‬x], the diphthong is monophthongized [‫ܭ‬x] and finally reduced to a schwa [ԥx].

In German, for instance, consonant clusters and schwa deletion characterize the discussion if there are syllabic consonants or if consonants have to be described as extrasyllabic. This is especially relevant if one considers the south German schwa deletion in prefixes (Gschpängscht < Gespenst ‘ghost’). Considering this background, we opt for a segmentation level narrower than the syllable. This level is closer to the phone/phoneme as the basic prosodic unit. The syllable is a derived category based on the sonority hierarchy.

Welby, Pauline 2006 French intonational structure: Evidence from tonal alignment. Journal of Phonetics 34: 343–371. Wiesinger, Peter 1983 Die Einteilung der deutschen Dialekte. In Dialektologie. Ein Handbuch zur deutschen und allgemeinen Dialektforschung. Zweiter Halbband, Werner Besch et al. ), 807–900. Berlin/New York: de Gruyter. Willi, Urs 1996 Die segmentale Dauer als phonetischer Parameter von ‘fortis’ und ‘lenis’ bei Plosiven im Zürichdeutschen. Eine akustische und perzeptorische Untersuchung.

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