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40 Borst, Der Turmbau von Babel, 3, pt. 1:1173. 42 DAVID A. FRICK Since St. Paul admonishes us strongly to speak that language in God's Church which everyone understands, saying, that it is of greater benefit to say five words in the language which people understand, than five thousand in that which they do not understand. And I also bring this to mind: how can a Christian say amen, even if I were to say the good words, if he does 41 not understand what I speak? Similar lines of reasoning were also used by Catholics in their arguments in favor of the propagandistic use of the vulgar tongue.

Jakoźe i n n ë obrëtaetsja vknihaxb novaho perevodu. Toho radi siju knihu jako zdavna pisanuju, velëlb esmi ее vydrukovati, kotoraja kożdomu n e estb zakryta, i kvyrazumenyu netrudna, і к ь íitanyu polezna. " 45 Smotryc'kyj, Evhlie ułitelnoe, p. IV у : " K h d y ź to estb kaźdoho Xristianskoho Kaznodëi povinnost, n e diskursy o neponjatyx very taemnic skrytostjax stroiti, ale voli і prikazanjam Bozskim prostyx і neukix ljudej uCiti. BaCnyj і mudryj Kaznodëja THE RUTHENIAN LANGUAGE QUESTION 45 Though Smotryc'kyj's works contain none of the explicit prohibitions against the use of Ruthenian for sacral and other elevated purposes of the sort found in the works of Ivan VySens'kyj and Josafat KuncevyC,46 it is clear that he adhered to the distinction between sacred and apostolic languages.

36 Smotryc'kyj, Threnos, pp. " 37 Piotr Skarga, Na Treny y Lament Theophila Orthologa, Do Rusi Greckiego Nabożeństwa, Przestroga (Cracow, 1610), p. 53. 40 DAVID A. FRICK purposes. Skarga gave full dignitas to Greek and Latin, though in practical terms this meant that Latin was the highest authority, since it was the eternal and catholic language employed by the Roman church. For Smotryc'kyj, conversely, Greek, Latin, and Slavonic possessed full dignitas, while Greek, as the language of the Eastern church, was the final authority.

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