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By Gerhard Endress

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Эта книга, по словам автора, была написана, чтобы дать студентам, изучающим историю ислама и историю мусульманских народов, представление об основных концепциях и проблемах этой темы. Книга - не пересказ и не краткое изложение истории, но руководство или вспомогательное пособие ко многим другим доступным книгам, в которых соответствующие темы изложены полнее.
Автор надеется также, что индексированные подробные хронологические таблицы и обширная библиография станут руководящими гидами в изучении предмета.Образцы сканов:

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Solidarity among the believers gave stability to the community. Obligatory and voluntary alms (the zakÅt which was levied as tax and the ßadaqa which was an act of piety) established a sure financial basis for the community. Communal ‘striving in the path of God’ (jihÅd), namely the war against unbelievers, served to defend and extend the realm of Islam. Personal safety within Muslim society remained based on the principle of 30 Islam: an historical introduction blood vengeance; but the reforms incorporated in the Koran replaced the sanction of tribal honour by divine command and by the judgement of the Prophet.

Say (unto them, O Mu˙ammad): It is from yourselves. Lo! God is able to do all things. That which befell you, on the day when the two armies met, was by permission of God that He might know the true believers and that He might know the hypocrites. (Sura 3, verses 165–7) In Medina the religious institutions of Islam took on the form which – in their broad essentials – they have preserved until today. Mu˙ammad’s relationship with the Jews of Medina was to prove a major development of Islamic ritual.

1. Genealogy of the Prophet’s family and of the caliphal dynasties ▼ IbrÅhÈm 763 Islam: religion and legal system 39 ▼ ÆAbd al-ÆUzzÅ ▼ AbË ÊÅlib ▼ al-ÆAbbÅs I. ÆAlÈ 656–61 ▼ ÆAbdallÅh 687 al-Óanafiyya ▼ III. al-Óusayn 680 ▼ Mu˙ammad 700 ▼ IV. ÆAlÈ Zayn al-ÆåbidÈn 712 ▼ AbË HÅshim 700 ▼ Zayd 740? ▼ V. Mu˙ammad al-BÅqir 731 ▼ VI. JaÆfar al-ÍÅdiq 765 ▼ VII. MËsÅ al-KÅΩim 799 ▼ VIII. ÆAlÈ al-Ri∂Å 818 ▼ IsmÅÆÈl 760 ▼ VII. Mu˙ammad 814? ▼ ÆAlÈ 725 ▼ ➛Mu˙ammad 743 ▼ IbrÅhÈm al-ImÅm 745 ▼ ÆAbdallÅh 764 ▼ ▼ 1.

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