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By Harry Hollien (Ed.), Patricia Hollien (Ed.)

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Those papers, from the IPS-77 Congress held in Miami seashore, Florida in 1977, current the state of the art in phonetic technology. the amount is subdivided into twelve sections: heritage of Phonetics, problems with process and conception in Phonetics, Laryngeal functionality, Temporal elements and Intonation, Physiological and Acoustic Phonetics, Speech construction, Neurophonetics and Psychopathology, Speech belief, Speech and Speaker popularity, educating Phonetics, Children’s Speech and Language Acquisition, and specified concerns in Phonetics.

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Ausführungen uber Geronimo Mercurialis Beziehungen zur Phonetik und Phoniatrie (1931a) sowie Dokumente zur Geschichte der Phonoskopie(1931b) und Diaphanoskopie (1931c). Den ersten Schwerpunkt stellen die Jahre 1934 und 1935 mit insgesamt sechs Aufsätzen zu unterschiedlichen Themen dar, gefolgt von den veröffent­ lichungsreichen Jahren 1937/38. Die Vierzigerjähre bringen dann in schneller Abfolge vier historische Monographien hervor, die den hervorragenden Ruf Panconcelli-Calzias als phonetischen Historiker endgültig begründen.

37:150-161. -P. (1973). Hamburg, Buske. -P. (1976). Pol. , 4:41-104. -P. (1979). Amsterdam, Benjamins. Kortlandt, F. H. H. (1970). The Hague, Mouton, Krámsky, J. (1974). Munich, Fink. Laxiczius, J. (1961). -Verlag, 3-11. Lehnert, . (1938). Arch. Stud. Neuer. Sprach. Lit», 173:163-80 and 174:28-35. (1945). New York, Dover. Lindsay, R. B. Malmberg, . (1971), Paris, Presses Univ. de France, 17-42, Marx, 0. (1967). New York, Wiley & Sons, 443-69. Mettas, 0. (1965). Trav. Ling. Litt,, 3:185-200.

Liberman, the psychologist, was working on the perceptual problems and questions raised by the manipulations of the synthetic speech signal. When Delattre, on a visit to the Laboratory, saw and heard the playback in operation, he realized its potential for phonetic research. And so he stayed on and a research team came into being. We are, of course, aware of the impact that this team's research had, and still has, in the fields of phonetics, psychology and acoustics. However, we must note that although Cooper may have continued to handle most of the problems relating to signal generation and trans­ mission and engineering; and Liberman may have isolated the perceptual strategies needed for speech processing; and although Delattre contributed most of the thinking which re­ lated the acoustic signal to speech production and phonetic systems—yet after several years of work together it often became impossible to isolate an individual's contributions to a piece of research, just as it became impossible to label any piece of the team's research as belonging to one discipline or to another.

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Current Issues in the Phonetic Sciences: Proceedings of the IPS-77 Congress, Miami Beach, Florida, 17-19 December 1977 by Harry Hollien (Ed.), Patricia Hollien (Ed.)

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