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New version, w/author's ''apology'' ten years after

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This quantity is an try to reconsider Niccolò Machiavelli, the most difficult political thinkers within the background of ecu political suggestion. In 2013, we'll mark 500 years in view that Machiavelli wrote his difficult letter to Lorenzo de' Medici, Il Principe. This publication is an exercise to hide probably the most advanced elements of Machiavelli's lifestyles and paintings

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Furthermore, it's absurd to transpose motiva­ tions of the present system of money and prop­ erty into bolo'bolo. A bandit-bolo must be relatively strong and well-organized, and it needs a structure of internal discipline and repression. For the ruling clique inside such a bolo, this would have to mean permament vigilance and a high amount of repression­ work. Their ibus could leave the bolo at any moment, other ibus could show up and the surrounding bolos would be able to observe the strange evolutions in such a bolo from the beginning.

Careful treatment of the soil, the animals and themselves becomes self­ evident, for every bolo is interested in long-term fertility and the preservation of resources. The use of land or other resources and their distribution among bolos must be discussed and adapted carefully. There are a lot of pos­ sible solutions, according to the situation. For pure country-side bolos (Agro-bolos) there are few problems, since they can use the surround­ ing land. For bolos in larger cities, it can be useful to have small gardens around the houses, on roofs, in courtyards, etc.

Excre­ ment and garbage can be transformed into bio-gas (methane) instead of polluting the waters. The size of the bolos (they're relatively large for this purpose) facilitates an efficient use and distribution of energy, since installations and even electronic control systems are in a reasonable relation to the necessary out-put. ) In warm climates, a bolo could be up to 90% energy independent, in moderate and cold zones between 50 and 80%. The bolos coop­ erate between themselves and the rest is taken care of by larger communities like townships bolo'bolo 101 and smaller regions (tega and vudo).

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