A Grammar of Yankunytjatjara by Cliff Goddard PDF

By Cliff Goddard

ISBN-10: 0949659320

ISBN-13: 9780949659323

Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages in line with actual web page aspect.

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Iii) The Yankunytjatjara pronunciation of the lamino- dentals is accompanied by a more noticeable alveo-palatal friction. (iv) Fronting and· raising of /a/ before lamina! 2) is more pronounced in Yankunytjatjara. (2) Lexical variation includes the common words below, aome of which would be heard in almost any conversational exchange. anpa 'sleep' anku kunkunpa 'hungry' anymatjara paftjatj iratja 'true' mula mulapa 'all' kutjuli uwankara ~: Other Words 'adoles~ent girl' - (*with directional prefixes) (3) Phonological variations include: (i) Consonant-final w~rds are permitted in Yankunytjatjara but are blocked in Pitjantjatjara-by the addit~on of the syllable-~~ (except in vocative uses).

Not all Yankunytjatjara·verbs fall neatly into one of the two major sub-classes. A few like ~-ng 'give' and . ninti-1 'show' may take two accusative objects, and can be classified as di-transitive. sentences, and be classified as ambitransitive. Furthermore, there are some derived an~ compound 'cognate object' verbs,where the understood object is highly' specific in nature and not fully 'individuated~ which take ergative subjects but seldom or never take accusative objects (cf Austin 1980ms:3).

Circumstantial clauses tend, rather leas strictly, to precede it.

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