WTF, Evolution?!: A Theory of Unintelligible Design by Mara Grunbaum PDF

By Mara Grunbaum

ISBN-10: 0761184104

ISBN-13: 9780761184102

All of us have our off days. Why may still Evolution be any diversified? possibly Evolution obtained over excited with an concept that was once somewhat too crazy—like having the Regal Horned Lizard safeguard itself by way of capturing three-foot streams of blood from its eyes. or even Evolution ran out of steam (Memo to Evolution: The Irrawaddy Dolphin seems like a prototype that are supposed to were left at the drawing board). or even Evolution used to be feeling cheeky—a fish with palms? Joke's on you, purple Handfish! or even Evolution easily goofed up: How else to provide an explanation for the overgrown the teeth of the babirusas that curl backward over their face? Oops.

Mara Grunbaum is a truly clever, very humorous technological know-how author who celebrates the best—or, fairly, the worst—of Evolution's errors. listed here are greater than a hundred outlandish mammals, reptiles, bugs, fish, birds, and different creatures whose very life leaves us shaking our heads and muttering WTF?! Ms. Grunbaum's specifically incredible stroke is to personify Evolution as a well-meaning yet a little oblivious experimenter whose conversations with a skeptical narrator are hilarious.

For nearly four billion years, Evolution has produced a nonstop parade of inflatable noses, extraordinary genitalia, and heavily awkward necks. What a comic!

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