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By Harun Yahya

ISBN-10: 1842000373

ISBN-13: 9781842000373

Writer: Harun Yahya
Publisher: Ta Ha guides, London
Pages: 143 Binding: Paperback

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Children! Did you ever wonder?

"How did the universe form?" "How did the sunlight and the moon start to exist?" "Where have been you prior to you have been born?" "How did the seas, timber, and animals come about?" "How do the vibrant and gorgeous scented culmination that we like, corresponding to bananas, cherries, plums and strawberries, emerge from the darkish soil? Who offers them their color and scents?" "From the place does the tiny bee how you can make such tasty honey? How does he make a honeycomb that has such delicate corners?" "Who was once the 1st human?" "Your mom gave beginning to you. however the first human could not have had a mom or a father. So how did the 1st human all of the sudden appear?" during this ebook, you are going to research the right kind solution to all of those questions.

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Because Allah is very merciful and caring towards all humans, He has created each human being with an immune system. As we have realised from the beginning of this book, we owe Allah each m i nu t e of ou r lives for our be i ng able to see beautiful things and b e i n g ab le to ea t d elic ious food. That is why we have to think a b ou t Alla h in every th ing we se e a n d s ay “O A lla h , I a m g r ateful to You for giving me all these b l e s s i n g s”. 38 Di d y ou kn ow th a t the l i v i ng thi ngs that you se e e v e r y d a y h a ve very in teresti ng fe ature s?

38 Di d y ou kn ow th a t the l i v i ng thi ngs that you se e e v e r y d a y h a ve very in teresti ng fe ature s? Af t er c rea tin g ea rth, Al l ah cre ate d many l i v i ng things on it. One of these living things is the hu m an b ein g . We told you earl i e r how the human being was created. There are beings other than humans on this planet. These are the animals an d pla n ts. In this section, we will explain the am az in g fea tu res of s ome of the se an i m als a n d p la n ts. S ome of the se could be animals that you s e e e very d a y wh en y ou are o u t f o r a wa lk, p la y in g in the backyard or sitting on the terrace.

The i n t hi s wa y , th ey wa rm each othe r up. young penguins that keep T h e y c on tin u ou sly switch posi ti ons so close together don't become t h a t t he on es left ou ts i de the ci rcl e cold. can also become warm. Just as the e gg i s a b ou t to h a tc h , the mother pe ngui n re turns f r o m h u n tin g . S h e feed s her baby w i th the food that she has stored in her throat. To prevent the baby f r o m freezin g , th e mothe r and fathe r pengui ns carry it in between their feet and keep it warm with the fur of their abdomen.

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