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Biome A large-scale grouping that includes many communities of a similar nature. biosphere All ecosystems on Earth as well as the Earth's crust, waters, and atmosphere on and in which organisms exist; also, the sum of all living matter on Earth. birds Taxonomic class of terrestrial vertebrates that are characterized by endothermy and feathers; descended from some group of reptiles (or possibly dinosaurs). birth rate The ratio between births and individuals in a specified population at a particular time.

Buffers Chemicals that maintain pH values within narrow limits by absorbing or releasing hydrogen ions. bulbourethral glands Glands that secrete a mucus-like substance that is added to sperm and provides lubrication during intercourse. bursae Small sacs lined with synovial membrane and filled with synovial fluid; act as cushions to reduce friction between tendons and bones. C calcitonin A hormone produced by the thyroid that plays a role in regulating calcium levels. calcium carbonate Chemical that also occurs in limestone and marble.

Carpals The bones that make up the wrist joint. carpels The female reproductive structures of a flower; consisting of the ovary, style, and stigma. carrageenan Chemical extracted from red algae that is added to commercial ice creams as an emulsifying agent. carrying capacity The maximum population size that can be regularly sustained by an environment; the point where the population size levels off in the logistic growth model. Casparian strip In plants, an impermeable waxy layer between the cells of the endodermis that stops water and solutes from entering the xylem, except by passing through the cytoplasm of adjacent cells.

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