Translators' Strategies and Creativity - download pdf or read online

By Ann Beylard-Ozeroff, Jana Králová, Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.)

ISBN-10: 902728346X

ISBN-13: 9789027283467


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Example text

Nezmocnili se Jen medii, titulku a frazi (Nekula 1992b: 120) - (sie haben irrz Griff nicht nur Medien, Phrasen und Schlagworter (Nekula 1992a: 399)), die Archaisierung der Wortfolge durch Inversion (z. B. Doch immer wieder wendet sein Gesicht sich ab (Nekula 1992a: 398)) oder verschiedene Kontaktmittel, neue Interpunktion dienen der inhaltlichen Optimalisierung des Zieltextes. Weiter finden wir im Zieltext bei M. Nekula mehrere Erweiterungen im Attribut oder Erweiterung der Adverbialia. Die eingeschobenen Attribute oder Adverbialia waren oft bereits als latente, geahnte Sachinformation im Kontext (im herumliegenden Text) anwesend.

Factors in dubbing television comedy". In Perspectives: Studies in Translatology, 1994: 1. Translating Advertisements and Creativity GENEVIEVE QUILLARD Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario Although the controversy about whether translators are necessarily traitors is now a thing of the past, the belief that it is impossible to translate ambiguities, double entendre, puns, etc. is still deeply rooted: "When it comes to translating humour, the operation proves to be as desperate as that of translating poetry" (Diot 1989: 84); "Par son intraduisibilite [...

The aim of this paper is to study the re(-)creation techniques used to adapt the humorous message. The advertisements have been divided into five categories: visual/verbal humour; visual/implicit verbal humour; verbal humour; no humour in ST (source text), humour in TT (target text); humour in ST/no humour in TT. The corpus consists of one hundred ads translated, for the most part, from English into French (in the examples, the ST will be first). Most of these ads appeared in news magazines such as Time, Newsweek, McLean's, L 'Actualite.

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Translators' Strategies and Creativity by Ann Beylard-Ozeroff, Jana Králová, Barbara Moser-Mercer (eds.)

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