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By Rene Chartrand

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В 1758 году, в разгар Франко-индейской войны, британский бригадный генерал Джон Форбс повел свою армию в наступление на fortress Duquesene, французский штаб в долине Огайо. Французы решили встретить налётчиков, а затем вместе с индейцами-союзниками нанести ответный удар

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Com Grant’s Raid on Fort Duquesne Major Grant was exposed in the midst of the fighting and tried “to rally his men” but to no purpose, as they were by this time flanked on all sides. ” Some were driven “onto the Ohio [River], most of whom were drowned. ” Major Grant and others were captured, but Captain Bullet made his escape and related that he had last seen Major Grant surrounded on all sides, “but the enemy would not kill him, and often called to him to surrender. The French gave quarter to all that would accept it” (DCHNY, X: pp.

Its detachments had seen action with the Jumonville incident, at Fort Necessity, the Monongahela, and many frontier skirmishes. Many of its officers and men seem to have reenlisted from year to year for the usual five to six months of service. Well led and trained, and fairly well equipped, it was arguably one of the finest provincial units in the American colonies. When Colonel St. Clair inspected several companies of the 1st Virginia in May 1758, he reported to Forbes that he was impressed by what he had seen and that fine services could be expected from this unit.

Therefore, by June and July Forbes had the first element necessary for his action plan: a viable army to carry it out. But campaigning in the wilds of North America required another big trump card: either the alliance or at least the neutrality of the major Indian nations in the area where the army would be operating. Considering the fiasco on the Monongahela three years earlier with the first attempt to take Fort Duquesne, this was an essential factor for any Anglo-American force moving toward the Ohio.

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