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By Daniel W. Drezner

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What could take place to foreign politics if the lifeless rose from the grave and began to consume the dwelling? Daniel Drezner's groundbreaking publication solutions the query that different diplomacy students were too scared to invite. Addressing well timed concerns with analytical chunk, Drezner appears to be like at how famous theories from diplomacy can be utilized to a conflict with zombies. Exploring the plots of well known zombie movies, songs, and books, Theories of foreign Politics and Zombies predicts life like situations for the political degree within the face of a zombie possibility and considers how valid--or how rotten--such situations may possibly be.

This newly revived variation comprises large updates all through in addition to a brand new epilogue assessing the function of the zombie analogy within the public sphere.

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The failure of humans to cooperate in the presence of reanimated corpses is a common theme that permeates the zombie canon—just as the futility of international cooperation recurs throughout the realist interpretation of history. How would the introduction of flesh-eating ghouls affect world politics? The realist answer is simple, if surprising: international relations would be largely unaffected. This paradigm would be unimpressed with the claim that a new existential threat to the human condition leads to any radical change in human behavior.

One book editor gleefully told USA Today that “in the world of traditional horror, nothing is more popular right now than zombies. ”5 A cursory scan of newspaper databases shows a steady increase in posthuman mentions (see figure 3). Clearly the living dead have lurched from marginal to mainstream. Figure 3. Media mentions of zombies. Source: Lexis-Nexis. One could dismiss the zombie trend as merely feeding a mass public that craves the strange and bizarre. Such an explanation would be only skin-deep.

Wouldn’t the specter of the undead create a balancing coalition against all ghouls? This possibility cannot be ruled out, particularly for power transition theorists. If zombies emerged from central Eurasia, for example, their capacity to spread quickly could trigger a natural balancing coalition designed to prevent zombie hordes from spreading across the entire Eurasian landmass. If ghouls overran a significant cluster of states and created a sufficient number of fresh ghouls, a power transition dynamic could present itself.

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