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By Danielle Celermajer

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Within the final years of the 20 th century, political leaders across the world started to express regret for wrongs of their international locations' pasts. Many pushed aside those apologies as "mere words," cynical makes an attempt to prevent extra expensive sorts of reparation; others rejected them as irrelevant encroachments into politics or kinds of motion that belonged in own relationships or faith. but, political apologies have gripped international locations and provoked super resistance. to appreciate apology's outstanding political emergence, we need to droop our computerized interpretations of what it potential for international locations to make an apology and interrogate their that means afresh. Taking the reader on a trip via apology's spiritual historical past and modern apologetic dramas, this booklet argues that the apologetic phenomenon marks a brand new degree in our popularity of the significance of collective accountability, where of formality in addressing nationwide wrongs, and the contribution that practices that when belonged within the non secular sphere may make to modern politics.

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Ibid. Editorial, ‘‘Mr. Chirac Honors the Truth,’’ New York Times, 18 July 1995. The Apology Phenomenon 21 identity. Thus, when he said that ‘‘those dark hours dishonor our history forever and are an insult to our past and our traditions’’, he was effectively realigning contemporary France with those traditions, moving through the assumption of guilt to redemption, a type of return to what France essentially is. Analytically, Chirac’s apology is particularly useful because it so clearly illustrates the structural contradiction of every apology.

Picking up on this issue of collaboration and the true history or identity of the nation, Croatian President Stipe Mesic initially offered a heavily qualified apology that unmistakably drew a line between the real Croatia (including contemporary Croatia) and the fascist state that ruled its territory between 31 32 33 34 Marcin Mierzejewski, ‘‘A Bishop’s Apology,’’ The Warsaw Voice, 3 June 2001. ‘‘Poland Apologizes to Jews,’’ BBC Online, 10 July 2001. stm (accessed 18 July 2008). Ibid. Jan Repa, ‘‘Analysis: Poland Divided on Massacre,’’ BBC Online, 10 July 2001.

22 When, also as one of his first gestures as President (July 1995), Jacques Chirac of France apologized for the wrongs of the Holocaust, he similarly emphasized the connection between an apologetic stance and the moral-political status of the apologizing nation. In this case, however, France, rather than the rest of Europe, seemed to be its own audience. ’’23 Even then, attending closely to what he actually said in his apology, one might well wonder whether paying a debt was what he was doing at all.

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