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By Anna Bonus Kingsford

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First released in 1882, the proper method or The discovering of Christ is Anna Kingsford's try and compile Christianity and the Theosophical culture, which supposes a approach of primary truths from which all religions are born and seeks to spot that knowledge in order that people may well movement additional alongside their route to perfection. This perfection, in keeping with Kingsford, is exemplified via Christ, which she sees as a class of individual and never a selected old individual. during this development, a person is able to a changing into a Christ and becoming a member of with the Divine. scholars of faith and religious seekers will locate this ebook an engaging learn from a as soon as well known non secular and philosophical stream. English general practitioner ANNA BONUS KINGSFORD (1846-1888) used to be additionally one of many first ladies in England to be granted a scientific measure and served as onetime president of the Theosophical Society. She can also be the writer of garments with the solar (1889). English author EDWARD MAITLAND (1824-1897) assisted Anna Kingsford in writing a number of books after which opened the Esoteric Christian Union in 1891.

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To the question why, being in all respects so admirable, it has become lost or perverted, the answer involves the history of man’s original Fall, and will in due course appear. 53. There are two or three classes of objectors, to whom reply will now be made in anticipation. Of these classes one is that which, under the influence of the prevailing Materialism, holds, that so far from the phrase just employed, “Image of God,” having any basis in reality, modern science has practically demonstrated the non-existence of God.

For by a creation thus limited, Deity would have shown Itself to be that only which the Materialist imagines It, namely, Force. ” And Love is that, not which merely creates and after brief caress repudiates and discards; but which sustains, redeems, perfects, and perpetuates. And to these ends Matter ministers indispensably, and therein contributes towards that second creation which is the supplement and complement of the first. This second creation is called Redemption, and in it the Creator finds His recognition and glorification, and man his perfection and perpetuation.

Thus, had the Bible been accurately translated, the doctrine that all creatures whatsoever represent incarnations, though in different conditions, of one and the same universal soul, would not now need to be re-declared, or, when re-declared would not be received with repugnance. That it does produce such a feeling, is a sign how far man has receded from a level once attained, at least in respect of his affectional nature. For the doctrine of a universal soul is the doctrine of love, in that it implies the recognition of the larger self.

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