The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism by Henry Corbin PDF

By Henry Corbin

ISBN-10: 0930872487

ISBN-13: 9780930872489

A penetrating research of the writings of the nice Persian mystics at the quest for dawning gentle within the non secular trip. Suhrawradi, Semnani, Najm al-Din Kubra and different Sufis.

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To guard against any possible misunderstanding, let us say immediately that what these answers show is that the act of seeing changes according to whether it is the act of the man of light, Phos, or on the contrary the act of the carnal and maleficent Adam who, by projecting his own shadow on the heavenly Figure and by interposing thus this shadow, is himself the one that makes this Figure invisible to himself, that dis-figures it. It is within man's power to betray the pact, to cast a darkened look on the whiteness of the world of light, thereby hiding it f r o m his own gaze, but this is the limit of his power, and this holds true in the case of the shahid in Sufism as well as of the eschatological figure of Daena in Zoroastrianism.

It would seem that the misunderstanding in the first place concerns the n a t u r e of the Day whose constraints are d e p l o r e d , a n d consequently the remedies called for. F r o m this point of view the distinction m a d e clear to us by certain I r a n i a n Sufi masters between luminous Night, o r black Light, a n d unqualified black, blackness without light (infra V a n d VI), is essential to p r e v e n t us f r o m going astray a n d to keep us oriented toward the pole. T h e Day whose constraints are d e p l o r e d , a n d whose ambiguity is obvious because it obeys the d e m o n i c law of constraint, is the exoteric Day w h e r e r e a d y - m a d e notions are ac47 III.

Man and the world are thus wholly represented as evolving around a vertical axis; f r o m this viewpoint, the idea of a horizontal linear evolution would a p p e a r totally devoid of meaning and direction—unoriented. T h e Abode-ofHymns, the Earth of Hurqalya, the Heavenly Jerusalem, descend progressively in direct relation to the ascent of the man of light. T h e space enclosed in the 360-degree sphere is the homologue which on the cosmic scale materializes a secret, supernatural corpus mysticum of beings and organs of light.

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