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By Philip Katcher

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The Reformation in England extra distanced the Irish, because the majority of Irishmen adhered stubbornly to their Catholicism. ultimately, in Elizabeth's reign, each side resorted to using strength on a wide scale in a sequence of bloody wars and rebellions that have been to culminate within the Earl of Tyrone's 'Great uprising' of 1595-1603. this article via Ian Heath appears to be like on the heritage, agency and strategies of the armies of the Irish Wars 1485-1603, armies which integrated such troops because the fearsome Irish Galloglasses, who bore a dangerous awl six ft lengthy with a blade one foot extensive!

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E F G H Irish (either Palesmen or 'mere Irish'), and all but one of the rest were composed at least two-thirds of Irishmen. Moryson's view was that 'English-Irish' troops often constituted a third of the army, while other sources indicate that on many occasions Irish and Anglo-Irish elements represented an even larger proportion. In his descriptions of the battles of Clontibret (1595) and the Yellow Ford (1598) Philip O'Sullivan Beare wrote that the English armies were 'more Irish than English' at the former and somewhat over half composed of Irishmen at the latter.

From Carew's Pacata Hibernia. price required' and were content instead 'with a little drinking money, which the Irish desired rather than clothes, not caring about going half-naked'. The Irish mantle they wore was anyway a practical campaign item, so much so that it was even being supplied to English soldiers by 1600. H1: O'Moore pikeman, 1600 Based on pictures of Owney MacRory's troops at the capture of the Earl of Ormond. Most wore helmets, but they appear to have been otherwise unarmoured. Irish pikes' were described by Sir Walter Raleigh as being 'as good ...

Mountjoy was actually a fussy hypochondriac, and on campaign wore up to four pairs of stockings, three waistcoats and a scarf to protect himself from the damp climate.... G2: Captain Thomas Lee, 1594 Marcus Gheeraerts' painting shows Lee attired as Captain-General of the Queen's Kern, in a hybrid combination of English and Irish dress. Though it has been suggested that his costume is fanciful rather than realistic, it is on record that some Englishmen genuinely did adopt Irish dress. John Vowell, for instance, records in 1586 of George Bourchier (Sir John Perrott's military adviser) that 'if he served upon foot he was apparelled in the manner of a kern ...

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