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By Morry Sofer

ISBN-10: 1589797590

ISBN-13: 9781589797598

A realistic consultant to translation as a career, this booklet presents every thing translators want to know, from electronic apparatus to translation thoughts, dictionaries in over seventy languages, and resources of translation paintings. it's the most effective sourcebook for all linguists, utilized by either newcomers and veterans, and its predecessor, The Translator’s instruction manual, has been praised through a few of the world’s top translators, equivalent to Gregory Rabassa and Marina Orellana.

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The professional translator has to be prepared to accept that long job with the short turnaround time, or there will be no repeat business from that particular client, or from most other clients, for that matter. Second, translation is generally paid by the word. The more words one can translate per hour, the more income one will generate. Translating 50 words per hour can land a translator in the poorhouse. Serious translation starts at 250 words per hour and can reach as high as 1,000 words per hour using word processing, and close to 3,000 words per hour using dictation (the author actually knows such a translator).

Nonetheless, French continues to enjoy the status of being one of the 33 THE GLOBAL TRANSLATOR’S HANDBOOK languages most often translated, and both professional and freelance translators have been known to make a decent living practicing French translation. There seem to be four primary geographical sources of French documents that require English translation. They are France, Francophone Canada, Haiti (where the line blurs between Creole and French), and the French-speaking parts of Africa. France has made many gains in recent years in many areas, including high tech and international trade, in fact too many areas to be enumerated in this limited space.

The Hispanic population in the United States has been growing steadily in recent years, and American business now has a major stake in reaching this important market segment, as well as its countries of origin, notably in Latin America. While generically Spanish is one of the easiest languages to translate into English, in actual fact, Spanish-English technical translation is much more problematic than, say, German-English, or French-English, or even Japanese-English. This may come as a great surprise to many.

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