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The historians thought of during this quantity lived among the 5th century BC and the 3rd century advert. They got here from components as a long way aside as Syria and Sicily they usually had in universal the Greek language and the Greek culture of old writing. They comprise authors who, although now not strictly historians, shed vital gentle at the culture. a few members examine the price in their topics as historic assets, others care for difficulties of ancient technique or with principles which come up from their works.

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Marg, '"Selbstsicherheit"', p. 294. 19. I take TT&VTOC to mean * events in all four of Solon's categories'. 14 Hans-Peter Stahl Indeed, the final disaster serves, as I said earlier, as an eye-opener to Croesus, overthrowing all earlier standards of thinking: a Solon moves, in Croesus' estimation, from foolish (dna0ecc, 33: because he ranked the ending always higher than the present-day goods) to a wise man. The fact that Croesus points away from himself (ou5ev TI naAAov es ECOUTOV, 86. 5), and stresses the general applicability of Solon's truth to all mankind, must be seen from two aspects: (1) Croesus realizes that he had excepted himself from the condition humaine, and now ruefully accepts a more modest standpoint.

Herodotus' answer is, apparently, 'Yes'. As Croesus (a) warns of the 'wheel of human affairs', and (b) is well-meaning towards Cyrus, we should grant him that, by his lonely counter-advice, he wishes to save Cyrus from danger supposedly not envisaged by his chiefs (cf. 207. 2). To make himself clear, he expounds the facets of the alternative (207. ) as follows: (1) Tomyris' army is allowed over to the Persian side of the river. ). In this case he will lose not only the battle but also his empire because the victorious Massagetae will push on.

27 Cyrus' son Cambyses. Herodotus himself credits him even with euvoirj towards Cyrus' son. Our result excludes one side of the alternative we considered earlier and throws us back on the other: we must now assume that Croesus, although subjectively believing himself still to possess the wisdom he gained from his bitter sufferings, objectively leads Cyrus further on the path of error. The tragic irony consists in the fact that the loyal Solonic warner actually turns into a risk-prone seducer, and, in this function, involuntarily brings about a repeat and almost a copy of his own ill-fated past - that past which allegedly taught him to be wiser!

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