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By Hyung-Jun Kim

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This examine examines the non secular lifetime of reformist Muslims in a Yogyakarta village. The foci of this dialogue are on Muslim villagers' development, with assistance from the reformist paradigm, of a twin of the 'good Muslim' and 'Muslim-ness', on their efforts to include an (reformist) Islamic framework to query taken-for-granted practices and concepts, at the place of conventional practices and concepts and their relation to reformist Islam, and at the interaction of villagers who exhibit a powerful dedication to reformist Islam with those that don't. one other subject investigated during this examine is the interactions among Muslim and Christian villagers and the affects of Christian presence at the strategy in which Muslims outline themselves, their neighbours, their faith and their spiritual neighborhood.

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By looking at how traditional rituals are interpreted by Muslim villagers, we will see the complicated process by which an Islamic tradition emerges from a syncretic background. This process is not simply one of imposing a certain criterion on traditional practices and ending them, but of questioning their relevance, abandoning what cannot be accommodated, reinterpreting what can be made harmonious with reformist Islam and recontextualising them in Islamic terms. In Chapter six, 13 traditional belief in supernatural beings, supernatural power, and related practices will be examined.

Compared with the traditional varieties, which required 150 days or more to be harvested, PB-5 or PB-8 could be harvested in 130-140 days. The growth duration was shortened further in the later released varieties which mature in 105-110 days (Khush,1985:456). The shorter growth duration opened an era of triple cropping in one year or of five crops in two years, which made rice cultivation even more profitable. The use of chemical fertilisers for rice cultivation was already reported in the Old Order.

See Collier et al. (1982,97), Manning (1987:72), and Naylor (1991:74-77). 19 Lack of reliable statistical data concerning trends in agricultural wages makes it difficult to know at which point in the last two decades this increase in daily wages began, but the trend was clearly evident in the mid-1980s. According to Maurer, a day's ploughing in Bantul district was worth 4 to 5 kg. of rice in 1984 (1984:118) and was equivalent to slightly more than 4 kg. in 1987 (1991:109). 30 Recent Socio-Economic Developments in Kolojonggo beginning to exact their toll in the erosion of traditions where elasticities in the production function allowed for high rates of labour absorption within the rice producing sector' (Collier,1981:171).

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