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By VincentJ.vanHeuven,Ellen vanZanten

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This e-book provides highlights of the result of the examine program“Phonetics and phonology of (word)prosodic platforms within the languages of Indonesia”. the focus of the publication is on(i)the means during which questions and statements are discovered and(ii)(absence of)lexical tension and how during which the strain is learned inIndonesian languages.Apart from those major themes one bankruptcy provides an research of the lexical tone method of Magey Matbat,a language spoken on one of many Raja Ampat islands,Papua province. Intonation, inparticular the question-statement opposition,was studied for Kutai Malay,Manado Malay and Yogyakarta palace Javanese.Like in Western languages, intonation performs an enormous half within the statement-question competition in all 3 languages defined during this quantity. Word-based pressure was once researched in Betawi Malay,(Standard)Indonesian and TobaBatak.Findings recommend that extra Indonesian languages than previous predicted lack a word-based pressure procedure. The 5 PhD scholars within the undertaking contributed one bankruptcy each one, highlighting a few point in their dissertation work.The postdocs contributed co-authored chapters.The venture coordinators’introductory bankruptcy encompasses a brief creation to prosodyandits properties.A end bankruptcy in short summarizes the most result of the venture. This publication is of detailed curiosity to experimental linguists engaged on tension and intonation and to scholars of Indonesian linguistics.

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Misol is the island where Matbat is spoken alongside Ma»ya. The f0 tracks of these Ma»ya dialects have been analyzed by means of a methodology that is very similar to that used in the analysis of Matbat tone. Just as was done for Matbat, (pseudo-)minimal sets were collected in a carrier utterance from eight native speakers. While the three Ma»ya tonemes each have a phonetically similar counterpart in the Matbat tone system, there are some important differences between the word prosodies of the two languages.

Here the epenthetic final /o/ is invariably present in utterance-final position. The Matbat Low Fall and the Ma»ya Fall are acoustically identical, so it is likely that one of them has influenced the other. It is more probable that Ma»ya influenced Matbat rather than the way around, since Matbat is only used on Misol, and could not have exerted an influence on the Waigeo and Salawati variants of Ma»ya, which also feature the epenthetic final /o/. BERT REMIJSEN 26 B. Misol dialect F0 (ERB) A. Salawati dialect Normalized time Normalized time Figure 5: F0 tracks of the three Ma»ya tonemes as realized on the vowel of monosyllabic words in sentence-final position in a carrier sentence.

3 ROB GOEDEMANS & ELLEN VAN ZANTEN The experiments The combined reports on Indonesian stress and accent sketch a confusing picture. The first aim of this study is to resolve this confusion by determining the location of Indonesian word stress through experimental research. We keep open the possibility that Indonesian has a stressed (or metrically strong) penultimate syllable, as advocated in the traditional literature. We will measure the acoustic properties that are relevant for prominence for all the syllables in six four-syllable words in a production experiment.

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