Postnatal Development of the Cat’s Retina by Dr. Margarete Vogel (auth.) PDF

By Dr. Margarete Vogel (auth.)

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References ............................................... fifty nine topic Index ............................................. sixty five 6 advent The retina as an organ of notion of sunshine, color, form and flow has been the topic of various and in depth gentle- and electron-microscopical investigations. so far the curiosity in those has principally been focused on the constitution of the ma­ ture retina and the genesis of its mobile parts. the 1st exhaustive observations at the improvement of the retina in vertebrates have been made through Babuchin (1863). utilizing the retinae of chook embryos, he confirmed that Millier's radial fibres and the ganglion cells are the 1st to advance, whereas the receptor segments are the final. for that reason, the early differentiation of Millier's radial fibres was once usually reaffirmed (Cajal, 1893; Meller, 1968; Bhattacharjee and Sanyal, 1975; and others). in addition, Babuchin had already indicated that the structural improvement within the zone of the posterior pole is particularly swift in comparison with these areas of the retina that are positioned extra peripherally. this present day, whilst evaluating result of electron-mi­ croscopical investigations, this truth is of specific significance, seeing that in every one case purely very restricted components of the retina should be tested. Schultze (1867a, b) mentioned the uniformity of foundation and the final classifica­ tion of light-perceiving parts into internal and outer segments, therefore contesting the hitherto in general held opinion that those constructions, just like the pigment epithelium, ori­ of the attention cup. In 1881 Ogneff chanced on the analogous ginate from the outer leaf mode of formation in birds and mammals.

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4 %, respectively). Not until the 1st week of life does this relationship alter in favour of the receptor nuclear layer. It is a result of this that the retina of the cat takes on, at the same period, the layer structure that is typical for nocturnally active retinae. 3 %) reach their maximum on the 5th day pp, essentially as a result of the cell division which can be observed in the outer nuclear layer up to the 2nd day of life. 25 5 8 15 30 62 ad days Fig. 23. 05] probably in three stages, between the 5th and 8th days pp, the 15th and 30th days pp and the 62nd day pp and the fully grown stage respectively.

8 ----------- ---1---PE } ---1r-- PEL ICR ad days Fig. 22. Relationship of the pigment epithelial layer to the receptor segments during the postnatal development of the eat's retina (PEL + RA + RI = 100 %) question of whether this is a coincidence or to be regarded as an indication of a metabolic activation occuring at the same time remains unanswered. Whilst the growth of the outer segments up to the 3rd month pp - relative to the entire retina - appears to be excessive, the separate analysis of the parts of the retina situated outside the external limiting membrane shows (a) that the volume of the outer segments continually matches the growing inner segment volume and (b) that the proportion of the pigment epithelial layer relative to the receptor elements continually decreases.

The genesis of anomalous rod outer segments, described by Tokuyasu and Yamada (1960), could not be found in the material presented here. As a result of the combined study of the postnatal differentiation of the retina from both the morphological and the morphometric points of view, an inner correla50 tion between the wave-like interacting development phases of the cat's retina becomes apparent. It comprehends the cellular elements outside the external limiting membrane, the neuropile layers and also the retinal nuclear layers.

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