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By J. A. Cover, Martin Curd, Christopher Pincock

ISBN-10: 0393971759

ISBN-13: 9780393971750

A versatile and finished creation to the most currents in philosophy of science.

either an anthology and an introductory textbook, Philosophy of technological know-how: The important Issues bargains teachers and scholars a complete anthology of fifty-two basic texts by means of prime philosophers within the box and offers huge editorial observation that locations the readings in a large philosophical context.

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F r o m Imre Lakatos, P hilosophical Papers, vol. 1 (Cambridge: Cambridge Univer­ sity Press, 1977), 1—7. Written in eariy 1973, this was originally presented as a radio lecture broadcast by the Open University (30 June 1973). 20 L a k a t o s ■ S c i e n c e and P s e u d o s c i e n c e | 21 T h e cognitive value of a theory has nothing to do with its psycholog­ ical influence on people’s m inds. Belief, com m itm ent, understanding are states of the hum an m ind. But the objective, scientific value of a theory is independent of the hum an m ind which creates it or understands it.

Many research problems, though by no means all, take this form. Tests of this sort are a standard component of what I have elsewhere labelled ‘normal science’ or ‘normal research’, an enter­ prise which accounts for the overwhelming majority of the work done in basic science. In no usual sense, however, are such tests directed to current theory. On the contrary, when engaged with a normal research problem, the scientist must premise current theory as the rules o f his game. 2 O f course the practitioner of such an enterprise must often test the conjectural puzzle solution that his ingenuity suggests.

9 In neither choice, as I shall shortly try to show, can testing play a quite decisive role. theory of relativity; but unlike Einstein, Lorentz worked within a classical frame­ work of absolute space and time. For introductory accounts of the contrast between the theories of Lorentz and Einstein and h eir differing interpretations of the Michelson-Morley experiment, see Albert Einstein, Relativity: The S pecial and G eneral Theory, trans. R. W.. Lawson (New York: Crown, 1961), and. Jonathan Powers, P hilosophy a n d the New Physics (New York: Methuen, 1982), ch.

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