W. B. Gallie's Philosophers of Peace and War: Kant, Clausewitz, Marx, PDF

By W. B. Gallie

ISBN-10: 0521217792

ISBN-13: 9780521217798

Highbrow eminence aside, what did Kant, Clausewitz, Marx and Engels, and Tolstoy have in universal? Professor Gallic argues that they made contributions to 'international idea' - to the knowledge of the nature and reasons of conflict and of the opportunity of peace among countries - which have been of unrivalled originality of their personal instances and stay of undiminished significance in ours. yet those contributions were both missed or a lot misunderstood ; mainly simply because, as with any highbrow efforts in unexplored fields, they have been frequently imperfectly expressed, and have been additionally overshadowed via their author's extra notable achievements. Professor Gallic has looked after out, in comparison and contrasted, criticised and re-phrased the lessons of his selected authors on peace and battle.

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J 18 THE PRINCE, Chap. 3 Forll, the Lords of Faenza, of Pesaro, of Rimini, of Camerino, of Piombino, the Lucchese, the Pisans, the Sienese-all these came to greet him and to become his allies. And then the Venetians could see the rashness of their decision; to gain two towns in Lombardy, they made the King master over a third of Italy. [What the King Should Have Done] Consider now, anyone, with how little trouble the King could have retained his ascendancy in Italy if he had observed the rules given above and kept all his friends secure and protected; for they, being in large numbers and weak and afraid-one of the Church, another ofthe Venetians-were always obliged to stand by him; and by means ofthem, he could easily secure himselfagainst anyone there who continued to be strong.

The body of cardinals, which elects the pope. The Ruler's Foundations 33 need to do so much longer, since already the French were deprived of the Kingdom by the Spaniards, in such a way that each of them would have to buy his friendship), he would jump into Pisa. II After this, Lucca and Siena would yield at once, partly through envy of the Florentines, partly through fear. The Florentines would have no recourse. If he had carried out these plans (and he would have carried them out the very year when Alexander died), he would have gained such forces and such reputation that he could stand by his own strength and would no longer rely on other men's Fortune and forces, but on his own vigor and ability.

CHAPTER 6. NEW PRINCEDOMS GAINED THROUGH A MAN'S OWN ARMIES AND ABILITY [Imitation of Great Men] No one should be astonished if in the following discussion of completely new princedoms and of the prince and of government, I bring up the noblest examples. Because, since men almost always walk in the paths beaten by others and carryon their affairs by imitating-even though it is not possible to keep wholly in the paths of others or to attain the ability of those you imitate-a prudent man will always choose to take paths beaten by great men and to imitate those who have been especially admirable, in order that if his ability does not reach theirs, at least it may offer some suggestion of it; and he will act like prudent archers, who, seeing that the mark they plan I 1.

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