Edward W. Said's Orientalism PDF

By Edward W. Said

The famous critic and a Palestinian now educating at Columbia University,examines the way the West observes the Arabs.

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For example: “Surely those who believe 8 On Islamic eschatology, see Hermansen 2008; on the salvation of non-Muslims see Khalil 2012 and Hermansen 2013. 46 Marcia K. Hermansen and those who are Jews, and Sabeans, and Christians, whoever believes in God and the last day and does righteous deeds, they shall have their recompense from God. They shall not fear, nor shall they sorrow” (2:62, 5:69). The Qur’an unequivocally states that there is salvation and damnation. Hell is clearly the destiny of some individual figures such as Pharaoh and Satan, as well as the Prophet’s opponent, Abu Lahab, and his wife (111:1-5).

Bana dinden bahset. İstanbul: Inşa Yayıyanları. Esack, F. (1997). The Qur’an, Liberation and Pluralism: An Islamic Perspective on Interreligious Solidarity against Oppression. Oxford: Oneworld. Esack, F. (2014). Deutsche Muslime sind nur Mitreisende. Retrieved Oct. de/inhalt/interview-mit-dem-islamischen-theologen-farid-esack-deutsche-muslime-sind-nur-mitreisende. Guillaume, A. (1955). The Life of Muhammad—A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah. Karachi: Oxford University Press. Izutsu, T. (2002).

Classical and Contemporary Islamic Perspectives on Religious Plurality 41 The authoritative sources for determining what would be considered Islamic consist of the “revealed” texts, the Qur’an and the hadith (sayings of the Prophet), along with their interpretations by qualified scholars. The interpretive tradition encompasses a legal tradition of practical rulings as well as a broad theological corpus of interpretations and reflections by classical and contemporary Muslims that may serve as resources for ideas about religious diversity but may not find universal acceptance among all Muslims.

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