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By Becerra, Heriberto Avelino

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Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages - download pdf or read online

Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages

The peripheral Mongolic languages of the Qinghai-Gansu zone in China comprise
Eastern Yugur (Shira Yugur) and the Shirongol languages. The latter will be subdivided in a Monguor department, such as Mongghul and Mangghuer, and a Baoanic department, such as Baoan, Kangjia, and Dongxiang (Santa).
The inner taxonomy of the Qinghai-Gansu languages might be mentioned in a separate section.
The Qinghai-Gansu languages are more and more well-described. They
have additionally been the topic of stories in language touch, ordinarily within the context
of the Amdo or Qinghai-Gansu Sprachbund.
This research will procedure the phonology of Qinghai-Gansu Mongolic
from a comparative old point of view. It offers an summary of the phonological advancements of the Qinghai-Gansu languages, evaluating them to the reconstructed ancestral language. even as it is going to examine the
archaic positive factors that may be present in those languages, with a view to enhance the
reconstructions of person Mongolic lexemes.
The booklet ends with a comparative complement of approximately 1350
reconstructed universal Mongolic goods, observed through the trendy kinds they're in line with and, the place worthy, arguments for the selected reconstruction.

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The SHORT vowel is described as having neutral tone, meaning SHORT vowels 24 Chapter II do not participate in a tonal contrast (B&VS: 7), while the LOW TONE vowel is described as having low and level pitch (B&VS: 9, Pike 1946: 84). Accounts of HIGH TONE and GLOTTALIZED vowels are more detailed. B&VS claim that HIGH TONE has different realizations depending on the position of the syllable that bears high tone in the word: HIGH TONE vowels in final syllables (including monosyllables) start with high pitch which falls throughout the duration of the vowel, whereas vowels in nonfinal syllables do not fall in pitch in the same way.

30 Chapter II Vowel length is not influenced by gender, and it is only marginally influenced by location. 01) than in Mérida (xܳ = 88 ms). Vowel length is influenced by whether or not a word exists in the language or is a nonce form. As shown in Table 5, for each vowel shape, vowels are longer in nonce forms than in existing forms. In Table 6 we see that GLOTTALIZED vowels are longer in final position than in nonfinal position but that SHORT vowels are longer in nonfinal position. The latter is surprising given the well-documented phenomenon of phrase final lengthening (see Selkirk 1984).

Los Angeles: American Indian Studies Center. Fox, James Allan. 1978. Proto-Mayan Accent, Morpheme Structure Conditions, and Velar Innovations. D. Dissertation. University of Chicago. , Kenneth N. Stevens, Hong-Kwang Jeff Kuo, Janet Slifka. 2001. Towards models of phonation. Journal of Phonetics 29:451-480. Holmberg, Eva B, Robert E. Hillman, Joseph S. Perkell, Peter C. Guiod, Susan L. Goldman. 1995. Comparisons among aerodynamic, electroglottographic, and acoustic spectral measures of female. Voice.

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