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Состав маршалов, высших командиров Великой Армии Бонапарта, был неоднороден. Наполеон раздавал маршальские жезлы и представителям старой аристократии, и выходцам из буржуазного, крестьянского сословия. Главным требованием императора была безукоризненная исполнительность и инициатива. Свои колоссальные состояния маршалы Первой империи оплачивали кровью в прямом смысле на полях сражений. Маршал Удино был ранен, к примеру, более 20 раз. Книга американского историка повествует о взаимоотношениях Наполеона и его маршалов. Каждому маршалу отведена отдельная глава.

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Eagle glance pierced at once the length, and breadth and depth, and height, of the chaos that suriounded him. Yet, so natural does he seem in this position, that instead of trembling for his safety we find our selves inspired by the same confidence that sustained Ho him, and expecting great and glorious results. as if he himscli acts to and seems equal any thing, was conscious he was a match for the world. Stern, decided, plain, he speaks to the King of England, the Emperor of Russia, of Austria, and to all Europe in the language of a superior, rather than of an equal.

In quelling the revolt of the sections, this Sublime self-reliance utterly confounded the heads of the Convention. If it had ended here, it might have been called the rashness and ardour of youth, crowned unexpected success. But throughout his after career in those long protracted efforts, in which intellect and genius always triumph we ever tind him but none himself to his aid. standing alone, calling took command of the Inexperienced and young, he weak and ill-conditioned army of Italy, and instead of seeking the advice of his government and his Generals, so that he might be screened in case of defeat, where defeat seemed inevitable; he seemed to exult that he was at last alone, and almost to forget the danger that surrounded him, in his joy at having a free and open field for his daring spirit.

Overwhelming in turn the armies of into Prussia, Austria, Russia, and England, he, for a long time, waged a successful war against them all com- bined ; and exhausted numbers, last by his very victories, before superior their conquests, he which in a protracted contest, must alwaya rather than prevail. at fell by His first campaign in Italy, and the cam- paign of Austerlite, are, perhaps, the most glorious he ever conducted. The first astonished the world, anl In less than a year, he overthrew fixed his fortune.

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