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By Friedrich Rosen

This booklet was once initially released ahead of 1923, and represents a duplicate of an immense old paintings, conserving a similar layout because the unique paintings. whereas a few publishers have opted to practice OCR (optical personality attractiveness) expertise to the method, we think this ends up in sub-optimal effects (frequent typographical error, unusual characters and complicated formatting) and doesn't properly defend the ancient personality of the unique artifact. We think this paintings is culturally very important in its unique archival shape. whereas we try to appropriately fresh and digitally improve the unique paintings, there are sometimes situations the place imperfections corresponding to blurred or lacking pages, negative images or errant marks could have been brought as a result of both the standard of the unique paintings or the scanning approach itself. regardless of those occasional imperfections, we've got introduced it again into print as a part of our ongoing worldwide publication maintenance dedication, supplying shoppers with entry to the absolute best ancient reprints. We savour your knowing of those occasional imperfections, and essentially desire you take pleasure in seeing the booklet in a structure as shut as attainable to that meant through the unique writer.

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Download e-book for iPad: Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages by Hans Nugteren

Mongolic Phonology and the Qinghai-Gansu Languages

The peripheral Mongolic languages of the Qinghai-Gansu sector in China comprise
Eastern Yugur (Shira Yugur) and the Shirongol languages. The latter will be subdivided in a Monguor department, along with Mongghul and Mangghuer, and a Baoanic department, including Baoan, Kangjia, and Dongxiang (Santa).
The inner taxonomy of the Qinghai-Gansu languages may be mentioned in a separate section.
The Qinghai-Gansu languages are more and more well-described. They
have additionally been the topic of experiences in language touch, in most cases within the context
of the Amdo or Qinghai-Gansu Sprachbund.
This research will method the phonology of Qinghai-Gansu Mongolic
from a comparative historic perspective. It presents an summary of the phonological advancements of the Qinghai-Gansu languages, evaluating them to the reconstructed ancestral language. whilst it is going to examine the
archaic positive factors that may be present in those languages, with the intention to enhance the
reconstructions of person Mongolic lexemes.
The e-book ends with a comparative complement of approximately 1350
reconstructed universal Mongolic goods, followed through the trendy kinds they're in accordance with and, the place useful, arguments for the selected reconstruction.

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Modern Persian colloquial grammar, containing a short grammar, dialogues and extracts from Nasir-Eddin shah's diaries, tales, etc., and a vocabulary by Friedrich Rosen

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