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By Michael P. Marks (auth.)

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An research of the language of metaphor in diplomacy conception, this e-book deals a complete learn of metaphors as they're hired via students of worldwide affairs.

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The question arises, why is self-awareness of metaphor’s role so frequently lacking when metaphor is so common in IR scholarship? One of the conclusions of this book is that metaphors are not appreciated for their heuristic function in a way that is common in the physical and natural sciences as discussed earlier. 44 Quite simply, as a social science, international relations depends on narrative to provide a framework for analysis in which theory generation and hypothesis testing take place. Narrative structure, in which metaphors play a major role, provides the direction that IR research takes.

23 Paul Chilton (1996, 87) describes the container metaphor as follows: The CONTAINER schema metaphorizes a number of organizing concepts in Hobbes’s text. ” Hobbes repeatedly mentions the necessity of a sovereign power to “keep in awe” its subjects, who are, after all, men whose fundamental nature is movement out of their own space into that of others. ” (Small capital letters in the original) As for what the state “contains,” a variety of functions have been posited. 24 What is “contained” within these states, then, also becomes of interest metaphorically, that is, the metaphorical realm of “domestic” politics.

Virtually all cognition involves conceptual mappings, and most linguistic expression to one extent or another employs metaphorical expression. This is no less true in the study of international relations than it is in any other area of linguistic communication. Some of these metaphorical expressions are used deliberately for the purpose of theory generation or to elucidate the contextual parameters of international relations. Others are used unselfconsciously much as they are in what Jack Donnelly (2009, 49) calls “ordinary-language” communication.

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Metaphors in International Relations Theory by Michael P. Marks (auth.)

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