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By Pierre Simon Marquis de Laplace

ISBN-10: 1108001572

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Released in 1831, this paintings kinds a part of a suite of introductory volumes advised via Henry, Lord Brougham and Vaux, the Lord Chancellor, for the Society of the Diffusion of priceless wisdom. as a result of remarkable mathematical skill of its writer, even though, it outgrew its unique plan and has due to the fact been obvious as a slightly extra bold undertaking. Praised by means of Somerville's modern Sir John Herschel for its presentation of basic astronomical theories and the mechanical rules hired of their derivation, the paintings used to be a journey de strength of medical and technical exposition. it truly is specially notable either for its author's company grab of the topic, specifically given her loss of formal mathematical education, and for its transparent define of Newtonian philosophy for a well-liked viewers.

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The high temperature of mines, hot springs, and above all, the internal fires that have produced, and do still occasion such devastation on our planet, indicate an augmentation of heat towards its centre ; the increase of density in the strata corresponding to the depth and the form of the spheroid, being what theory assigns to a fluid mass in rotation, concur to induce the idea that the temperature of the earth was originally so high as to reduce all the substances of which it is composed to a state of fusion, and that in the course of ages it has cooled down to its present state; that it is still becoming colder, and that it will continue to do so, till the whole mass arrives at the temperature of the medium in which it is placed, or rather at a state of equilibrium between this temperature, the cooling power of its own radiation, and the heating effect of the sun's rays.

All the planets and satellites appear to be of xliv PRELIMINARY DISSERTATION. less density than the earth. The motions of Jupiter's satellites show that his density increases towards his centre; and the singular irregularities in the form of Saturn, and the great compression of Mars, prove the internal structure of these two planets to be very far from uniform. Astronomy has been of immediate and essential use in affording invariable standards for measuring duration, distance, magnitude, and velocity.

In 1769, the parallax of the sun was determined by observations of a transit of Venus made at Wardhus in Lapland, and at Otaheite in the South Sea, the latter observation being the object of Cook's first voyage. 575 ; from which the mean distance of the sun appears to be about 95996000, or ninety- six millions of miles nearly. 6 for the sun's parallax. The parallax of Venus is determined by her transits, that of Mars by direct observation. The distances of these two planets from the earth are therefore known in terrestrial radii; consequently their mean distances from the sun may be computed ; XXX PRELIMINARY DISSERTATION.

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