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Millions join political parties that seek to replace incumbents. This is normal. Only in cases of secession do we see the withdrawal of loyalty to the state. Here, separatists and secessionists deny legitimacy to the state and seek to create a state of their own. But this is the key point. They are not denying the legitimacy of statehood as such, but only of a particular state. Does the illicit drug trade, estimated to involve purchases and profits close to one trillion dollars annually and directly costing taxpayers hundreds of million dollars to control (not very successfully), indicate the loss of state authority?

It is primarily states that create and sustain international institutions such as diplomacy, trade, international law, and the like. It is primarily states, through their practices and the ideas, beliefs, and norms that underlie them, that sustain and change those institutions. , banks) may create private international institutions of various kinds, but they seek to regulate only a single domain. In many cases, these sets of regulations do not replace the activities of states, but supplement them, or are entirely new.

Overall, in Strange’s estimation, the authority of the state is “retreating,” a trend that in the long run portends obsolescence. James Rosenau has made one of the most interesting arguments regarding the erosion of state authority through shifting loyalties and the appearance of various particularisms—the second approach to state obsolescence or regression. 6 He emphasizes phenomena such as declining loyalties to the state as seen, for example, in resistance to conscription, in tax cheating and evasion, migration, and declining voter participation.

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