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CHAPTER II. OF IMAGINATION That when a thing lies still, unlesse somewhat els stirre it, it will lye still for ever, is a truth that no man doubts of. But that when a thing is in motion, it will eternally be in motion, unless somewhat els stay it, though the reason be the same, (namely, that nothing can change it selfe,) is not so easily assented to. For men measure, not onely other men, but all other things, by themselves: and because they find themselves subject after motion to pain, and lassitude, think every thing els growes weary of motion, and seeks repose of its own accord; little considering, whether it be not some other motion, wherein that desire of rest they find in themselves, consisteth.

OF THE BENEFIT THAT PROCEEDETH FROM SUCH DARKNESSE, He That Receiveth Benefit By A Fact, Is Presumed To Be The Author That The Church Militant Is The Kingdome Of God, Was First Taught By And Maintained Also By The Presbytery Infallibility Subjection Of Bishops Exemptions Of The Clergy The Names Of Sacerdotes, And Sacrifices The Sacramentation Of Marriage The Single Life Of Priests Auricular Confession Canonization Of Saints, And Declaring Of Martyrs Transubstantiation, Penance, Absolution Purgatory, Indulgences, Externall Works Daemonology And Exorcism School-Divinity The Authors Of Spirituall Darknesse, Who They Be Comparison Of The Papacy With The Kingdome Of Fayries A REVIEW, AND CONCLUSION THE INTRODUCTION Nature (the art whereby God hath made and governes the world) is by the art of man, as in many other things, so in this also imitated, that it can make an Artificial Animal.

And though by mens actions wee do discover their designee sometimes; yet to do it without comparing them with our own, and distinguishing all circumstances, by which the case may come to be altered, is to decypher without a key, and be for the most part deceived, by too much trust, or by too much diffidence; as he that reads, is himselfe a good or evill man. But let one man read another by his actions never so perfectly, it serves him onely with his acquaintance, which are but few. He that is to govern a whole Nation, must read in himselfe, not this, or that particular man; but Man-kind; which though it be hard to do, harder than to learn any Language, or Science; yet, when I shall have set down my own reading orderly, and perspicuously, the pains left another, will be onely to consider, if he also find not the same in himselfe.

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